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Danimer Scientific and Eagle Beverage to Produce Biodegradable Drinking Straws

Private-label manufacturer will use Danimer Scientific’s NodaxTM PHA for marine degradable straws with plans to expand into adjacent product categories

Nov 17, 2020 by Richard Ivey

“Reducing the impact of plastic waste is a critical issue across the country, but consumers have limited ways to find eco-friendly alternatives at fast food restaurants,” said Eagle Beverage Vice President Aisha Kabani. “By partnering with Danimer Scientific to produce a reliably biodegradable straw, we will provide a cost-effective solution for restaurants to deliver guilt-free beverage enjoyment to their customers. Petrochemical straws break down into harmful microplastics and never fully degrade, but these PHA straws will completely degrade in a matter of months.”

Eagle Beverage Marine Degradable Drinking Straws

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