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Producing Renewable and Sustainable Bioplastics

Danimer Scientific’s biopolymer resins have helped create a healthier product marketplace for over a decade.

MHG Biopolymer Resins can be adapted to a wide range of products.

Our products can be used for disposable flatware, coffee cup waxes, bottle seals, packaging and label glue, and many other products consumers and businesses use every day.

Our ultimate customers include farmers seeking to reduce costs and improve soil quality, managers preparing for LEED certification, food vendors looking for compostable service items, healthcare providers wishing to deliver more healthful care, and individuals and families fashioning 21st century, eco-friendly lifestyles.

In short, Danimer Scientific sources, formulates, produces and delivers the customized bio-based materials manufacturers need to fulfill changing market demands.

Danimer Scientific also offers biopolymer research and development, toll manufacturing, and thermoforming services to business partners.

Danimer Scientific bioplastic feedstock:

  • Enables reduced dependency on petrochemicals
  • Meets ASTM and Vinçotte requirements for biodegradability and compostabilitycompostibility
  • Biodegrades in a fractional amount of time as compared to petro-based plastic decomposition
  • Leaves behind almost no carbon footprint.

Leading the Response to Global Demand for Healthier Products and Less Waste

Since our Bainbridge, Georgia, USA beginnings under the name of Danimer Scientific, Danimer Scientific has grown into one of the most advanced and innovative biochemical companies in the world.

Danimer Scientific now owns 125 patents across nearly 20 countries for a range of manufacturing processes and biopolymer formulations.

Most notable among these are our toxin-free Reactive Extrusion processes, PLA (polylactic acid) based biopolymer alloys, ReNew resins for injection molding, and a unique brand of UV resistant, 100% biodegradable, FDA approved. PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) called Nodax™.

Applications for Danimer Scientific biopolymers include additives, aqueous coatings, fibers, filaments, films, hot melt adhesives, and waxes, among others.

Supported by a world-class group of scientists, business leaders, and agriculture professionals, Danimer Scientific maintains state-of-the-art R & D teams, two laboratories, a biopolymer development center, and an array of full-scale bioplastic resin and product manufacturing systems.

Creating Innovative Biopolymers Cost Competitively

Always ahead of the curve, and as market demand increases for non-toxic, biodegradable materials in products consumers use every day, Danimer Scientific is now leveraging and expanding our ability to offer 100% bio-based alternatives to packagers and producers at the mass market level.

With over 200,000 square feet of lab and manufacturing space, Danimer Scientific operates facilities that support global-scale production and enable rapid response to manufacturing requirements. Additionally, the company leases one million square feet of capacity for Canola seed cold-pressing and future expansion.

At Danimer Scientific, green does not necessarily mean more expensive, however. Because Danimer Scientific biopolymers are locally sourced andsustainably sourced and made using non-toxic processes, our resins equal or exceedwill approach the price of petrochemical plastic commodities for price and performanceas we scale up our manufacturing.

Danimer Scientific’s highly efficient production systems result in cost effective outcomes that offer both economic and environmental benefits to the marketplace.

Low-cost, locally sourced raw materials enable manufacturers to provide green alternatives to customers at competitive pricing.

Customized biopolymer blends make the materials even more competitive at the quality level.
Toxin-free processes and formulations designed to decompose within custom-calculated timeframes boost the value of Danimer Scientific ‘s biopolymers even more.

Come Grow with Danimer Scientific!

Does your company manufacture products or packaging? Please contact Danimer Scientific today to find out more about how our biopolymer resins, R & D services, and toll manufacturing facilities can fulfill your business requirements.

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