Danimer Scientific’s Future | Sustainability through Innovation

Leading the Future of Biopolymers

Disposable water bottles can be made of Danimer Scientific biopolymers instead of petrochemical plastic.

Danimer Scientific’s recent evolution from MHG into a unified entity solidifies our reputation as a leading biopolymer manufacturer, bolsters our ability to establish new business relationships and opportunities in national and international arenas, and promises to bring truly meaningful change to the world of plastic product manufacturing.

Cultivating Biopolymers from Promise to Fruition

As global demand for biodegradable and compostable plastics escalates, Danimer Scientific continues to adapt and refine our products and business strategies for our biopolymer R & D and manufacturing operations.

Danimer Scientific‘s growth objectives for 2016-17 include:

  • Expanding functionalized PLA product line advancement and research
  • Energy stimulation biopolymers
  • New Research and Development projects
  • Aqueous Coating and paper industry products
  • Hot Melt Adhesives development
  • Reactive extrusion production
  • Specialty toll manufacturing
  • Engineering improvements to facilitate PHA delivery to burgeoning market

Riding the Wave of Renewable and Sustainable Bioplastics Market Demand

Danimer Scientific is expanding R & D operations to develop new custom blends of PHA and PLA bioplastics, along with an array of other biopolymers designed to meet the varying strength and durability requirements of different products.

In packaging, Danimer Scientific offers replacement of non-degradable materials with biopolymer films, waxes and glues, extrusion coatings, injection molding, thermoforming, and extrusion lamination, with demand expected to increase more than 15% annually for the next two decades.

In the wake of legislative bans in the United States and internationally on single use petrochemical plastic items, such as carryout bags, cosmetic microbeads, and polystyrene foam dishware, Danimer Scientific is stepping up to develop toxin-free, compostable alternatives. Our biopolymer resins can be used for the manufacture of biodegradable and compostable single-use items, including cups and takeout containers, plastic carryout bags, micro beads and fibers, beverage bottles, caps, straws and cup lids, single shot k-cups, toys, and much, much more.

Streamlining our Manufacturing and Delivery Processes

Danimer Scientific continues to control, develop and integrate all steps in the sourcing and manufacture of biopolymers, a process results in our customized PHA/PLA biopolymer alloys. Danimer Scientific has secured its place at the forefront of the biotech industry as an affordable, premium biopolymer product supplier able to meet increasing global demand for biodegradable plastics.

Building Up and Branching Out to Support Industry Needs

Danimer Scientific, Bainbridge, Georgia, USA Physical Plant Expansion

Danimer Scientific offers R & D services and “Specialty Toll Manufacturing” to clients using our state of the art equipment and fully trained staff. To adapt to the new demand and opportunities, Danimer Scientific will complete expansion of our physical plant in 2016-17. Two new facilities will house PHA reactors, extruders and fermenters.

Our expanded capacity and combined revenue streams will allow Danimer Scientific to move forward profitably, in a manner that promises to genuinely strengthen our mission of creating innovative biopolymers renewably and sustainably at a global level.