Chemical & Engineering News ‘Patent Picks: Fracking Technology’

“These biodegradable polymers have drastically reduced the chemical and equipment footprint compared to current fracturing methods”- Phil Van Trump, Chief Technology Officer at MHG

MHG Patent Picks article - Image © - All rights reserved“Fracking can leave behind chemical residue. Scientists at DaniMer Scientific, now a part of Meredian Holdings Group (MHG), have been trying to solve the issue. In a recent patent, Steve Wann discloses a group of degradable polymers that impart a particular viscosity to fracking fluids, helping to transport proppants to shale deposits and create fractures (US 20140274820). The polymers—made from starting materials such as lactic acid and glycolic acid—are biodegradable, so they leave no residue after fracking, the patent claims… The new approach costs less, making it practical to recover more oil or natural gas, Van Trump contends.” – Chemical Engineering News – Read the full article.