Environmentally Responsible Products That Mitigate Environmental Impacts

Hydraulic fracturing has opened up vast new sources of energy. Yet it is not free of environmental concerns. Danimer Scientific has responded to these concerns by creating our energy-stimulation polymers.

Our degradable polymers mitigate environmental impacts by reducing the use of water, energy and toxic chemicals. In the process, they reduce the potential for underground pollution through seepage and disposal of wastewater used in the process.

Environmentally friendly, our oil well polymers degrade in most down-hole environments. We offer a wide array of products designed to operate at different down-hole temperatures and to degrade over various time frames.

A Variety of Applications
  • Far-field diverters
  • Near wellbore diverters
  • Diesel/oil-soluble diverters
  • Fluid-loss additives
  • Squeeze-frac polymers
  • Acid-frac polymers
  • Down-hole tool components
  • Sand control screen coatings
  • Frac balls
  • Filter cake cleanup
  • Bridging particles, lost circulation, filtration control, delayed breakers, fracture conductivity

Danimer Scientific is creating a more sustainable future. And this is just one way we’re doing it.

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