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Danimer Scientific Offers Bio-Friendly Solutions for Manufacturers

Danimer Scientific PHA biopolymers can custom formulated to meet specific durability and biodegradability requirements. Danimer Scientific is a recognized global leader in bioplastic technology. We support world-class research and development teams, and operate two laboratories, a polymer development center, and manufacturing facilities that enable rapid response to customer needs anywhere in the world. We offer services for packaging and product manufacturing in the following areas of biobased materials R & D and production.

Biopolymer Products

Danimer Scientific biopolymers originate from the biosphere, and, at the end of service, return to the biosphere within three months to a year. Danimer Scientific biopolymers have the potential to replace a significant portion of the land use, toxicity, and carbon pollution load caused by petrochemical plastic production and disposal in landfills, lakes, and oceans. Our biodegradable plastics decompose rapidly and fully in soil, compost or water, leaving no toxic trace.

100% Biodegradable PHA and functionalized PLA Plastic

Danimer Scientific PHA is agrofactured using locally grown canola oil as the food stock for the microorganisms that create our UV resistant, 100% biodegradable PHA plastic. This PHA can be combined with PLA, creating functionalized hybrid biopolymers that offer an infinite range of performance characteristics. These resulting biopolymers are highly functional while in use, and completely biodegradable after disposal.

R&D – Research and Development

At Danimer Scientific, we recognize the challenges of making packaging more sustainable. By clearly defining objectives and cost constraints, we work with our customers to formulate sustainable plastics that bring value to their brands while reducing impact on the environment. Compared to traditional polymers, bioplastics are in their infancy. Although we continue to make this new generation of materials perform better at a lower cost, research and development is essential to meet the specific requirements of each project. With our team of scientists and state of the art laboratories, Danimer Scientific can develop unique, commercial biopolymers for a range of applications and take any project from conception to reality.

Toll Manufacturing

Danimer Scientific offers extensive experience and capabilities for the creation of new formulations, and reactive extrusion, fermentation, and polycondensation technologies. As a result, Danimer Scientific is well positioned to help our customers take full advantage of our technology, equipment, and personnel. Danimer Scientific’s first-class logistics team is strategically located within hours of most major southeastern ports, allowing for very reasonable TL (Truck Load) and LTL (Less than Truckload) rates.

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