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Danimer Scienfic Custom Formulates PHA Biopolymer Products

Based on Danimer Scientific’s proprietary PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) and PLA (polylactic acid) technologies, Danimer Scientific creates customized biopolymer formulations, then manufactures the resins to meet the needs of specific products. We can create biopolymer blends based on unique requirements for tensile strength, shelf life, degradability timelines, and other unique features.

This combination of flexibility, sustainability and biodegradability makes our bioplastics a viable replacement feedstock for many of the everyday uses of petroleum-derived disposable plastics, such as packaging, carryout bags, food service items, agricultural films, toys, and most personal and home products.

Our Energy-stimulation Polymers have been supplied since year-end 2015. These degradable polymers for hydraulic fracturing mitigate the environmental impact of this process by reducing water, energy and toxic chemical usage, also reducing the potential for underground pollution through seepage and disposal of waste water utilized in the process.

With a focus on creating value for customers and partners, Danimer Scientific has the capability to formulate a sophisticated range of biopolymers for specific applications, including:

Danimer Scienfic has the capability to formulate a sophisticated range of biopolymers for specific applications, including single use carryout bags.

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