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Danimer Scientific Aqueous Coatings are Water and Oil Resistant

Aqueous coatings provide a water-based finish for paper and can be used to coat printing supplies, cardboard packaging and paper-based dishware.

Dainmer Scientific's Aqueous Coatings can be used to create a water / oil resistant surface on paper-based products, like takeout containers.Danimer Scientific’s aqueous coatings 18120 and 18130 provide excellent surfaces for printing, can be heat-sealed and are designed to resist oil, water and grease. Applications include moisture barrier coatings, food packaging coatings, cold release coatings, and other types of packaging where water and oil holdout is a requirement.

Danimer Scientific’s aqueous coatings 18120 and 18130 are also FDA compliant for direct and indirect food contact. It has a high surface tension, allowing it to be used as a base coat and a functional top coating.

Designed to run on rod coating equipment, Danimer Scientific’s aqueous coating can be custom diluted with water for various thicknesses, to make it suitable for Air Knife, Flexo, Gravure and press applications.

Ideal for cardboard food containers, packaging and disposable dishware, Danimer Scientific’s aqueous coatings 18120 and 18130 have a mild, organic odor and can be used as a water / oil resistant sealant for many paper-based products.

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