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Danimer Scientific Biopolymer Additives Improve the Properties of Feedstock

As PLA-based (polylactic acid) consumer goods usage increases in the marketplace, many processors are learning that the bioplastic has several inherent challenges. Danimer Scientific continues to lead the global marketplace for biopolymer innovation by producing a variety of additives to help manufacturers and converters utilize PLA more effectively.

Danimer Scientific has formulated several proprietary additives to enhance the mechanical processing and physical quality of PLA-based products. The use of these additives expands the number of applications possible for PLA while maintaining the focus on renewable raw materials that fully support the standards for compostibility and food contact. If your business works with PLA, please let us know your challenges. We may be able to formulate an additive to meet your specific needs.

Processing Aide

This renewable additive enables improved processing efficiencies such as higher operating speeds, increased throughput, and reduced defects. The Danimer Scientific processing aide also provides excellent “de-nest” characteristics and reduces the material’s adherence to metal during processing. This material supports compostibility requirements and can be food contact certified.

Impact Modifier

This renewable-based additive can significantly enhance the impact resistance of PLA, improving overall toughness while increasing the flexibility of the end products. By adjusting addition-rates, the physical properties can vary dependent upon requirements. This additive can be used with all processes, including thermoforming, blow molding, injection molding, and cast or blown film production. It can also be utilized with the Danimer Scientific processing aide to improve throughput while also providing a broader range of applications for the finished product.

Color Concentrates

Danimer Scientific offers a wide range of colorants compounded with a PLA base resin. Our materials are fully compatible with the PLA materials while supporting the use of renewable materials. Please, contact us with your application and color sample, and we will be glad to formulate a color for you.

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