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Danimer Scientific Hot Melt Adhesives Facilitate Recycling

Danimer Scientific has introduced a new line of hot melt adhesives made from renewable resources. These bio-adhesives are produced using Danimer Scientific’s proprietary Seluma condensation polymer technology enabling each product to be ASTM 6400 compostable and suitable for hydro-re-pulping operations.

Danimer Scientific has recently released the Hot Melt Adhesive 92721. This product was designed as a result of customers seeking assistance in providing a clean PET flake from the recycling process.

Additionally, Danimer Scientific Hot Melt Adhesives eliminate “stickies” and clumps of glue left by traditional pressure sensitive adhesives. The 92721 formula contains an excess of 50 percent renewable material and low Biological Oxygen Demand in waste streams. Further applications for this product include diaper applications, feminine products and lamination of other non-woven products.

Hot Melt Adhesive Evaluation [PDF]

Danimer Scientific Hot Melt Adhesive Characteristics:

  • Direct replacement for petroleum based products
  • Suitable for case, carton seal as well as carton edge sealing
  • Meets requirements for Section 175.105 of 21CFR
  • Pleasant caramel smell
  • Drop-in replacement for most hot melt adhesives
  • ASTM 6400 compostable
  • Re-pulpable for the waste paper recovery supply chain

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