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Danimer Scientific PHA Offers Powerful, New Solutions in the Biopolymer Landscape

pha-diagram-danimerDanimer Scientific customers use our certified biodegradable and compostable PHA plastic (polyhydroxyalkanoates) to manufacture products and packaging sustainably, completely free of the petrochemicals historically used to make plastics.

Danimer Scientific PHA bioplastics are naturally occurring biopolymers produced by microbial bacteria that use Danimer Scientific’s locally produced, cold pressed Canola oil as a food stock for energy. No toxic solvents or chemicals are required.

Based on Dr. Isao Noda’s original formula for Nodax™, PHA biopolymers are highly functional while in use, and completely biodegradable after disposal.

Danimer Scientific’s PHA also possesses characteristics that are highly competitive with both petrochemical plastics, and other bioplastics. PHA is versatile, strong, and flexible enough to:

  • Survive high-speed processing machines during manufacture without tearing or disintegrating
  • Bond successfully with adhesives so it can be attached to other materials, like paper
  • Withstand high temperatures during manufacture and storage

Most significantly, PHA won’t melt, crack or flake when exposed to sunlight over an extended period of time. PHA also preserves food and other stored goods better than many competitors.

Danimer Scientific PHA can be custom formulated and combined with other bioplastics, such as PLA, to create hybridized biopolymers to meet specific strength, durability and biodegradability timeline requirements.

Danimer Scientific PHA Positively Impacts Human Health and the Environment

From toys to personal care to food and beverages, Danimer Scientific’s PHA offers a healthful and toxin-free replacement for most plastic products people use every day. The applications of Danimer Scientific PHA bioplastics are huge, especially in the realm of single-use food service and medical items, packaging, and personal care and household products.

PHA-based resins can be used for manufacturing the following articles, to name a few:

PHA can be used to make full biodegradable film seals, caps, and bottles for common food and household products.

PHA can be used to make full biodegradable film seals, caps, and bottles for common food and household products.

  • Bottles for beverages, personal care, and household products
  • Toys, shoes, and apparel
  • Food packaging and service items such as cups, lids, straws, containers, and utensils
  • Healthcare bandages, tubes, syringes, gowns, masks and gloves
  • Label and packaging glues, shrink wrap, and stuffing
  • Micro-fibers for feminine products, diapers, and wipes
  • Bags for shopping, trash collection, and composting
  • Agricultural mulch and fishing lures

The Potential Environmental Impact of PHA is Likewise Huge.

Danimer Scientific PHA is FDA approved for food contact, a rare classification that validates the biopolymer as a safe and healthy alternative to petrochemical plastics for food packaging and service items. The FDA has also classified Danimer Scientific PHA to be, after disposal, non-hazardous waste.

PHA compostable spoon, before and after: Danimer Scientific PHA biodegrades within three months to a year.

Products made of Danimer Scientific PHA will biodegrade within three months to a year.

Danimer Scientific PHA biopolymers fully decompose in soil or water within three months to a year. Danimer Scientific PHA has been additionally certified to meet ASTM standards for biodegradability. Vinçotte International has awarded Danimer Scientific PHA six certifications for safe biodegradation:

  • Aerobically in soil and compost
  • Anaerobically in fresh water, salt water, soil, and compost.

The effect of PHA-based products on the waste stream includes the diminishment of land usage for waste management, reduction of plastic pollution in the oceans, rivers and lakes, and mitigation of plastic litter in public spaces.

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