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Danimer Scientific Defines Eco-Compatibility

Danimer Scientfic's 2015 Canola Crop One goal of Danimer Scientific is to enable people and communities to benefit from sustainable, environmentally friendly products that decompose seamlessly, leaving behind no particulate matter or toxic trace.

With that in mind, and as an R & D leader in the biochemical industry, Danimer Scientific operates with the belief that most plastic articles intended for short-term use can be manufactured with biodegradable polymers.

Danimer Scientific PHA and PLA biopolymers are formulated to meet the biodegradability standards for ASTM, OWS and Vinçotte. Danimer Scientific’s PHA is additionally FDA approved for food contact and will aerobically or anaerobically biodegrade in soil, water, and industrial or home compost within three months to a year.

Danimer Scientific Practices a Closed-Loop, Authentically Sustainable Business Model

  • Our process utilizes sustainably sourced Canola oil that does not compete with human or animal food sources.
  • Our toxin-free extraction and extrusion processes are cost competitive and leave almost no carbon footprint.
  • Our customized formulations enable us to team up with other makers of bio-based products to create a wider range of goods.
  • Our scalable production capacity and modular manufacturing model will soon enable us to meet global demand.
  • Our biopolymer resins can be used to make biodegradable and compostable diapers, toys, medical implements, single-use food service items, food packaging and storage products, beverage bottles, carryout shopping bags, shipping materials, glues, seals, trash bags, agricultural mulch films, and many other consumer and industrial goods.

Danimer Scientific is one of the first companies in the world to achieve this level of eco-compatibility in biopolymer products and processes.

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