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Danimer Scientific Certifications for Food Contact, Biodegradability, Compostibility & Non-Hazardous Waste

Click the links below to review the certifications of compostibility and biodegradability that Danimer Scientific biopolymers have received from top environmental assessment organizations:

Vinçotte International Certifications for Danimer Products

Vinçotte Seedling Certification for Danimer Scientific

Vinçotte OK Biobased Certification for Danimer Scientific

Vinçotte OK Compost Home Certification for Danimer Scientific

Vinçotte Anaerobic and Aerobic OK Compost Certification for Danimer Scientific

Vinçotte OK Marine Biodegradable Badge

Vinçotte OK Biodegradable in Soil Certification for Danimer Scientific

Vinçotte OK Biodegradable in Fresh and Salt Water Certification for Danimer Scientific


U.S. FDA Food Contact and Non-Hazardous Waste (OWS) Certifications


ASTM Certifications


SSCCP - Italian Pulp and Paper InstituteSSCCP Certifications

View our OK SSCCP Certificates here:


Danimer Scientific Affiliations

Ameripen.org- American Institute for Packaging and the EnvironmentAmeripen

American Institute for Packaging and the Environment



BPIWorld.org - Biodegradable Products InstituteBiodegradable Products Institute

Danimer Scientific is proud to be a member of the Biodegradable Products Institute, a multi-stakeholder association of key groups from industry, government, and academia which promotes the use of environmentally sound plastic materials. Membership in BPI is just one of many ways that Danimer is working to improve lives and protect the environment by utilizing materials that reduce our dependence on petroleum. Danimer and BPI work together to educate consumers as to the many benefits that result from the use of renewable resources for single-use articles.

Learn more: www.bpiworld.org

UMN.edu - Center for Sustainable Polymers, University of MinnesotaCenter for Sustainable Polymers, University of Minnesota


EnerPolEner-Pol.com - Polymers for Upstream Energy

Danimer Scientific, LLC and EnerPol, LLC, an upstream oil and gas technology firm, have launched a marketing effort of Danimer’s degradable polymers at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) event in The Woodlands, Texas on Feb. 7. EnerPol was formed to promote the use of degradable polymer in the upstream oil and gas industry. The firm’s employees have more than 60 combined years of experience in the energy industry with a history of significant innovations in hydraulic fracturing. EnerPol’s marketing division has made Danimer an exclusive client for the promotion of degradable polymers in the industry.

Learn more: www.ener-pol.com

FutureOfPackaging.com - The Future of PackagingFuture of Packaging




In 2010, DaniMer Scientific, LLC received a grant of $846,828 from the organization, “Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America” (RPSEA) to develop a novel fracturing treatment for the stimulation of hydrocarbon production. Read more:


OWS.be - Organic Waste Systems - BelgiumOrganic Waste Systems


SustainablePackaging.org - Sustainable Packaging CoalitionSustainable Packaging Coalition

Danimer Scientific | Danimer is a member of the Sustainable Packing Coalition, a non-profit project of GreenBlue®that works with businesses to develop environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

CompostingCouncil.org - US Composting CouncilUnited States Composting Council


The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials