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Moms For MHG is a community of mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and future mothers working to spread the word about a new kind of eco-friendly bioplastic.

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Planting New Seeds for Global Environmental Health

MomsForMHG started as a group of women working with MHG of Bainbridge, Georgia, USA, the company that makes toxin-free, 100% biodegradable PHA biopolymers from Canola oil.

We became so excited about the promise of PHA biopolymers and the solutions possible for so many health and safety problems in the home, that we decided to share our enthusiasm with parents, future parents and everyone else around the world who cares about children and the future.

Our goal is to build awareness that 100% compostable plastic has finally arrived and to generate demand for its integration into the marketplace.

In our view, the adoption of bioplastics by product and packaging manufacturers is not a political issue, nor is it a popularity or supply and demand issue.

The adoption of bioplastics is just common sense.

Science supports us. Agriculture supports us. Do-ability supports us. Industry is already making the change.

What are MHG PHA Biopolymers?

For the first time in the history of bioplastic, MHG PHA Biopolymers have the potential to replace petro-plastic seamlessly.

MomsForMHG - MHG Biodegradable PHA plastic is healthy for children and other living things.MHG PHA is an eco-friendly biopolymer resin that can be adapted to almost every plastic product on the market, offering a healthy, toxin-free material for the items children and families come into contact with every day.

The list of possibilities includes toys, diapers, baby bottles, beverage bottles, food storage bags and containers, food packaging and glues, apparel, cooking implements, dishware, trash bags, makeup, body products, much more.

Imagine Life without Plastic!

Sure, many of us believe that we don’t need so much plastic in the world. Reducing and reusing are cornerstones of the sustainability movement, after all. However, from food safety to home safety to first aid, plastic has come to play an important role in family life.

We have to admit, plastic has some advantages over its predecessors. Pretending otherwise would be dishonest. Old fashioned ceramic toys, glass bottles, and jars were breakable, posing a safety risk to children. Food sold in folded cardboard boxes was easily infested with insects and bacteria.

The influx of petro-plastic into product manufacturing solved a lot of those problems, but it came with a downside. All that plastic has generated a huge amount of waste since its invention over a century ago.

Plastic particles float around in the air and in our oceans and waterways. Plastic trash clogs up landfills. Plastic litter lies useless in gutters, along roadsides and on beaches around the world.

Worse, some petro-plastics contain toxins, like BPA, BPS, and Phthalates that can leach into our bodies, causing hormonal changes, among other serious health risks.

MHG PHA Biopolymers are Durable, Sustainable, and Toxin-Free

MHG PHA is a biobased material that is produced using no toxins whatsoever. MHG PHA is created by microorganisms that feed off of cold-pressed, non-GMO Canola oil.

MomsForMHG - MHG Biodegradable PHA plastic composts 100% in soil and water, leaving no toxic trace.Because of this, MHG PHA bioplastics are safe for families, and also certified as 100% compostable in all environments, including soil, oceans, lakes, and rivers, landfills, aerobic compost heaps, and anaerobic compost biodigesters.

The byproducts of PHA decomposition include mulch, fertilizer, toxin-free pesticides, more bioplastic feedstock, and even renewable energy.

Any item made of PHA biopolymers will stay strong while in use, but disappear within three months to a year when discarded. PHA is also naturally UV resistant, which means that it will not crack when exposed to the sun for an extended period.

Stay Tuned!

MomsForMHG - MHG Biodegradable PHA plastic is toxin-free, sustainable, and renewable. MomsForMHG welcomes you. We want to hear your concerns and how you believe bioplastic will address your family needs.

MomsForMHG truly believes that environmentalism starts in the home. Mothers offer some of the strongest voices for change because we operate in a mindset that is hypersensitive to the health and safety of our children.

In the months ahead, MomsForMHG will be sharing new information about MHG PHA biopolymers and other eco-friendly products and tips. We are also creating a MomsForMHG eco-educational coloring book, one page at a time, for children.


To learn more about MHG PHA biopolymers and the company’s history, future, applications, and impact on global plastic production and waste, please visit the MHG News and Blog.