End of Life Scenarios for PHA

100% Biodegradable with a Low Carbon Footprint

“No other materials have such versatility of disposal while still possessing highly desirable mechanical properties comparable to those of conventional petroleum-based plastics.” – Isao Noda, Danimer Scientific CSO

After disposal, Danimer Scientific’s PHA biodegrades within three months to a year in most natural environments, with or without the presence of oxygen.

Products made of PHA can be safely:

  • Landfilled
  • Composted aerobically
  • Composted anaerobically
  • Repurposed for biogas energy
  • Incinerated
  • Deconstructed via chemical hydrolysis.

Most significantly, when waste management problems come into play via casual litter, poor or non-existent landfill practices, or natural disasters, anything made of PHA will decompose on its own, in soil, freshwater and saltwater.

The positive effects of PHA-based products on the waste stream include:

  • Diminishment of land usage for waste management
  • Reduction of plastic pollution in the oceans, rivers, and lakes
  • Mitigation of plastic litter in public spaces
  • Safer managed-disposal practices for medical and other pathogen related waste.

The outcomes in all scenarios are non-toxic: no poisonous gasses, no groundwater contamination, no toxic contact risks for animals or vegetation.

When fully decomposed, PHA breaks down into the basic elements of all biological life – hydrogen, oxygen and carbon – essentially returning to the biosphere to be recycled into something new.

Danimer Scientific’s PHA Certifications

PHA compostable spoon, before and after: Danimer Scientific PHA biodegrades within three months to a year.

Products made of Danimer Scientific PHA will biodegrade within three months to a year.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified Danimer Scientific’s PHA to be, after disposal, non-hazardous waste.

Danimer Scientific PHA has been additionally certified to meet ASTM standards for biodegradability.

Belgium’s Vinçotte International has awarded Danimer Scientific PHA all available certifications for safe biodegradation, including their first ever “OK Marine Biodegradable” certification, verifying that Danimer Scientific’s PHA will fully and rapidly decompose:

  • Aerobically in soil and compost
  • Anaerobically in fresh water, salt water, soil, and compost.

To learn more about the food contact, biodegradable, and compostable certifications of Danimer Scientific’s PHA biopolymers, please visit our Certifications Page.+

To learn more about the properties and applications of Danimer Scientific’s PHA biopolymers, please visit Danimer Scientific’s Bioplastics Blog.+

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