MHG Announces Series of Funding to University of Georgia Labs

World’s Largest Producer of PHA Contributes Funding to Increase R&D Capacity for their Biopolymers

– from Nicole Vandersnick

MHG announced the company has contributed a series of funding to the distinguished labs of Dr. Jason Locklin, Dr. Mark Eiteman and Dr. Jenna Jambeck at the University of Georgia. These contributions will support several projects among the three labs, which will increase MHG’s research and development (R&D) capabilities for Nodax™ PHA and other sustainable biopolymers.

MHG gave Dr. Locklin his second round of funding from his 5 year, $250,000 grant he’s receiving from the company. Dr. Locklin is a distinguished polymer scientist who offers an unmatched skill set in Materials Science and Engineering. His group specializes in growing functional polymers through various surface initiated polymerization techniques, which will further research and test Nodax™ PHA capabilities. One of his projects will focus on using extrusion and reactive extrusion technology to study the properties of biopolymer blends like PLA and PHA, whereas the second project will utilize PHA as a component for a controlled release fertilizer (CRFs).

Dr. Eiteman’s Group will use MHG’s $41,500 contribution to train students to metabolically engineer organisms. MHG’s PHA is naturally produced by microorganisms, making Dr. Eiteman an ideal candidate for funding with his twenty plus years in the field of Biochemical Engineering. Dr. Eiteman specializes in tailoring organisms through biochemical alterations, which increases the yield and production of biological monomers that can provide enhanced biodegradable properties.

Dr. Jambeck also received funding from MHG. This comes after an announcement in June stating that a $50,000 contribution would be made to Dr. Jambeck’s Research Group. Dr. Jambeck will allocate her funds towards a comparative study of Nodax™ PHA and several petro-plastics in controlled marine and freshwater environments. While MHG’s PHA is certified by Vinçotte for biodegradability in all environments, continued testing and research will provide a stronger foundation for replacing petro-plastic in order to provide a sustainable future.

In May, MHG opened their own specialty labs at the University of Georgia in order to increase R&D opportunities. The funding contributions will allow MHG to further optimize biopolymer applications and formulas through targeted R&D projects. MHG’s funding contributions come after the announcement that MHG is now the world leader in the production of PHA as a result of their first commercial scale fermenter officially operating.

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