The Promise of PHA

The Promise of Danimer Scientific’s PHA Biodegradable Plastic

Danimer Scientific offers a cost-competitive, global scale solution to the challenge of ending plastic pollution with a sustainable, renewable, and completely eco-compatible bioplastic called PHA.

Danimer Scientific – Providing Solutions for a Healthier Planet

Nature Based from Birth to End-of-Life.

Plastic litter can be found on beaches and in oceans worldwide. Danimer Scientific’s PHA is a naturally occurring biopolymer produced by microbial bacteria.

No toxic solvents or chemicals are required during production or to plasticize the end-productsend products. Articles made of Danimer Scientific’s PHA are highly functional while in use, and completely biodegradable after disposal.

Already proven to be a successful replacement for many petrochemical plastics, PHA promises to have a positive and powerful impact on the health of people and the planet.

Pliable. Absorbent. Durable. Tough.

PHA is a versatile, adaptable, heat and UV resistant bioplastic.PHA possesses properties that are equal to or better than most petrochemical plastics.

Because of its unique molecular construction, Danimer Scientific can custom formulate PHA to create different types of plastic resins for different purposes.

We can even blend PHA with other types of biopolymers, like PLA, to expand its repertoire of uses even further.

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Resilient in the Face of Adversity.

Bioplastics will improve food safety.Danimer Scientific’s PHA is cost competitive with, and performs as well or better than most petrochemical plastics during manufacturing, in storage, on the shelf, and during use.

Our PHA is robust enough for high-speed processing.

It won’t melt, crack or flake when exposed to extended sunlight.

It preserves food and other stored goods better than many competitors.

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Adaptable to an Abundance of Products.

Millions of pieces of plastic are used and thrown away every single day.People around the world rely on a huge volume of consumer goods made of plastic.

PHA bioplastics are adaptable to most plastic products. Applications include toys, cups, straws, lids, utensils, plates, bottles, food storage bags, shopping bags, diaper linings, wipes, trash bags, and, most significantly, all the tiny seals, labels, glues, tape, and other disposable items that cannot be recycled.

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Certified 100% Biodegradable and Compostable

Biodegradable plastics feed the biosphere, too.Whether dropped on the ground, cast into the ocean or dumped into a landfill, products made of Danimer Scientific‘s PHA will fully decompose in about three months to a year.

Danimer Scientific‘s PHA is certified as biodegradable and compostable in all mediums, including soil, aerobic and anaerobic compost, and fresh and saltwater.

After disposal, PHA is digested by microbes, just as it was made.

PHA can also be safely and quickly destroyed using controlled incineration or hydrolysis, without emitting toxic gasses or leaving behind toxic ash.

When fully decomposed, nothing is left behind but the basic elements of life: hydrogen, oxygen and carbon.

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