A History of Promoting Sustainability and Responsibility through Biopolymer Innovation

Danimer Scientific began more than a decade ago with the simple belief that we could make the world a little bit better. We saw a planet largely polluted by plastic waste, with very few options to address the problem. We knew that if we could make plastic items that came from the natural world—and disappeared back into it—we could do a lot of good. And we have.

Today, we have become a pioneer and world leader in producing natural biopolymers that are biodegradable and compostable. These materials are used by manufacturers to replace petroleum-based plastics in the products they make.

The Beginning

In our early years, Danimer Scientific joined forces with NatureWorks® to develop a corn-based PLA resin to line hot-beverage paper cups, including the Ecotainer line of food-service packaging materials from International Paper Company.

In 2007 we purchased intellectual property from Procter & Gamble, adding to our bioplastic technology platform. This included a specific type of PHA known as medium-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoates (mcl-PHA), or Nodax®.

Our capabilities continued to expand through a 2016 realignment from MHG to our legacy name of Danimer Scientific.

Along the way, our products have successfully challenged the status quo of petroleum-based plastics in both performance and price. Thanks to our advances in the field, Danimer Scientific now owns 125 patents in nearly 20 countries.

Expanding Array of Services

Through the years, we have steadily built our teams and other resources. Today, Danimer Scientific operates two facilities with well over 200,000 total square feet of state-of-the-art laboratories, manufacturing facilities and testing space. They are located on 20 acres at our Bainbridge, Georgia, headquarters in the Southeastern United States.

Recent Milestones
  • OK Marine Biodegradable certification from Vinçotte International, the first such validation awarded to a biopolymer company
  • Revenue-stream expansion into new biopolymer R&D and toll manufacturing
  • Third-party verification of Danimer Scientific’s ability to scale up biopolymer production to meet global demand
  • Vinçotte certifications and statements of aerobic and anaerobic compostability and biodegradability of Nodax® in soil, freshwater, saltwater, and industrial and home compost
  • U.S. FDA approval of Nodax® for food contact and classification of the substance, after disposal, as nonhazardous waste

Danimer Scientific will continue to reshape the ways we think about sustainability and environmentally responsible manufacturing through our game-changing biopolymer innovations.

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