Customized resins to meet your sustainability goals

Many customers have desired end-of-life situations that they want their products to conform to when they are discarded.  It is true that many products can be recycled, but the reality is that the overwhelming majority of plastics are not being recycled.  We can replace traditional single-use plastics with a 100% renewable, biobased material that can biodegrade in any of the following conditions:

  • Marine biodegradable
  • Freshwater biodegradable
  • Soil biodegradable
  • Home compostable
  • Industrial compostable
  • Anaerobic digestion

Imagine the possibilities!

The process in which PHA breaks down is similar to cellulose or wood.  When kept in an environment with limited bacterial and fungi activity, the material will last for a long time.  If that material is discarded into the environment or compost bin, it will be consumed by microorganisms that feed off the material as a carbon food source.


Our goal is to help you create a sustainable product that your consumers can responsibly dispose of and not have to worry about what happens to that product once discarded.  Ideally, all of these materials will be collected and sent to composting facilities where their value at the end of life can be maximized.  If they do end up as litter, they won’t stay there forever.  Nodax® will even break down in certain landfills even without the presence of oxygen as long as there are microorganisms present.

Welcome to the future of plastics.

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