Danimer Scientific Invests in Tomorrow by Investing in Research and Development Today

Danimer Scientific is on the front lines of creating a more sustainable future. And the most fundamental key to achieving that goal is research and development. That’s why we have made a significant investment in the people and the facilities needed to constantly advance the science of biopolymers.

World-Class Minds, World-Class Facilities

Our world-class teams work in state-of-the-art laboratories and a polymer development center. Combined with our manufacturing facilities, this gives us a unique ability to respond rapidly to the sustainability needs of customers on a global scale. And this makes Danimer Scientific a one-stop shop for many customers.

Our research-and-development services are ideal for meeting the needs of clients who seek customized formulation of biopolymers to meet exact performance requirements. Clearly defining objectives and budget concerns up front, we work with our customers to formulate sustainable plastics that bring value to their brands while reducing environmental impacts.

The Start of Something Big

We realize that, when compared to traditional polymers, biopolymers are truly in their infancy. Although we continue to make new generations of materials perform better at a lower cost, the future holds even brighter promise for meeting our customers’ needs through advanced research and development.

To answer the challenge, our scientists and laboratories give Danimer Scientific the ability to develop unique commercial biopolymers for a wide range of applications, taking any project from concept to reality.

It’s all part of creating the future of biopolymers and sustainability.

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