PHA from Start to Finish: A Life Cycle That’s Only Natural

At Danimer Scientific, we envision a world with less of the plastic litter that plagues our planet. We envision a world made cleaner, healthier and more sustainable through PHA, a completely eco-friendly biopolymer. And we’re creating that world today.

From the Earth to the Earth

Based on Dr. Isao Noda’s original research for Nodax™ PHA, Danimer Scientific’s PHA comes from the earth and returns to the earth, completing a natural cycle that can help rid the world of discarded plastics made with petrochemicals.

Asset 1 svg-test Canola seeds are harvested. Seeds are crushed,yielding highquality oil. Byproducts fromcold press are used for fertilizer and livestock feed. Soil bacteriamakes PHA in acontrolled fermentationenvironment. FERMENTATION PROCESS 100% biodegradable PHA results from separation, solvent-free purification and drying.

The resulting powder goes through a reactive extrusion process to yield pelletized biopolymer resins that manufacturers use to make a wide range of certifiably biodegradable plastic products.

REP_steps Polymers are addedto the extruder. A chemical reactionoccurs during extrusion operation. Finished resin is pelletized, packagedand shipped. reaction

When those products are eventually discarded, they are digested by microbes and biodegrade completely, returning to nature.

Composting Biodegradable plasticis introduced to an industrial or at-home compost pile. Heat and moisturefrom the compost pile begin to break the chains of the polymer. This allows microbesto further break down the material. cup_1 cup-2 moisture heat
Endless Uses

Nodax™ PHA is custom formulated to create different types of plastic resins for a wide variety of uses. We can even blend PHA with other types of biopolymers, like PLA, to expand its applications even further.

People around the world rely on a huge volume of plastic items, and millions of them become trash or litter every single day. That is why our stated mission is:

“Out of concern for the environment, Danimer Scientific provides sustainable biopolymer solutions to plastic pollution, through innovative technologies.”

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