Our Customers' Needs for Sustainability are Met with Custom Formulations

At Danimer Scientific, we’re shaping the future of bioplastics one customer at a time. Using our proprietary PHA and PLA technologies, we create customized biopolymers, which our customers use to make specific products.

Your Specs Are Our Guidelines.

From tensile strength, flexural modulus, impact and functionality to degradability timelines and more, your specs are our guidelines for creating the resins that meet your needs with precision and efficiency.

Our combination of technology and sustainability makes our bioplastics a viable replacement polymer for many of the everyday products that currently use petroleum-derived, single-use plastics.

Consider the Possibilities.

With a sharp focus on creating value for customers and partners, Danimer Scientific can formulate a sophisticated range of biopolymers for specific applications, including:

  • Additives
  • Extrusion coatings
  • Extrusion lamination materials
  • Film resins
  • Injection molding
  • Thermoforming resins

We invite you to learn more about how our customized biopolymers can help you achieve your company’s sustainability goals.

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