A Family of Biopolymers

Danimer Scientific Uses a Wide Range of Biopolymers in Our Reactive Extrusion Process

By Combining These Products, We Can Improve the Processing and Functionality of Stand Alone Biopolymers

Many biopolymers manufactured today are not suitable for many applications as a drop-in replacement for traditional polymers. By leveraging our extensive R&D and product-development expertise, Danimer Scientific can help you find a custom biopolymer resin that can be processed on existing equipment with little or no modifications.

Our staff will analyze your requirements and work to find a customized resin formulation that will be robust enough to meet your specifications while still allowing for good economies of scale during the converting process.

Danimer Scientific also produces a wide range of monomers, proprietary additives and polymers to be used as stand alone resins or to increase functionality of other biopolymers.