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As a Leader in Biotechnology, We Always Have New Ideas in Development

Thanks to the depth of our resources in research and development, Danimer Scientific is constantly seeking new ways to apply our biopolymer expertise to new products. And we’re always working with converters and brand owners to create solutions that meet their exact needs. Here are just two examples:

Aqueous Coatings:

With our aqueous coatings, we seek to provide solutions that can be used as a water-based finish for cardboard packaging and paper-based food service items.   Our goal is to formulate these coatings to be FDA compliant for direct and indirect food contact. And their high surface tension will allow them to be used as both a base coat and a functional top coating, providing oil, water and grease resistance.

Hot-Melt Adhesives:

We’re developing a line of hot-melt biobased adhesives using our proprietary condensation polymer technology. This will enable each product to be ASTM 6400 compostable and suitable for hydro repulping operations. We also expect these materials to eliminate “stickies” and the clumping of glue left by traditional pressure-sensitive adhesives.

To learn more about these and other products in development, we invite you to contact us.

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