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Renewable and Certified Compostable for Enhanced Sustainability

Danimer Scientific is working to create a more sustainable world, and our injection molding resins are helping us do it. Certified compostable, they enable end users to avoid the costs associated with landfilling or incinerating petroleum-derived products.

Our injection molding resins create even more value through energy savings by processing at lower temperatures than traditional polyolefin. Suitable for a variety of products, they can be used in hot and cold runner systems with comparable cycle times.

A Range of Outstanding Features
  • Very good replacement for traditional polyolefin in many applications
  • Certifiable to ASTM D6400-99 or ASTM D6868-03 standards as compostable
  • Can be formulated for a wide variety of injection molded parts
  • Can be made in a variety of colors
Product Examples
  • Single-use cutlery (forks, knives and spoons)
  • Single-use coffee pods
  • Landscaping and erosion-control stakes
  • Caps/multiple closure applications
  • Single-use, direct food packaging

With injection molding resins and many other sustainable products, Danimer Scientific is creating the future of plastics.

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